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Black Torment - Satanic Holocaust (2007)

1.Diabolical Supreme Evil Beast
2.Unholy Hymns To The Triumph of Evil
3.Gates of Hell
4.Satanic Holocaust
5.Await The Final Call (Do You Want To Die?)
6.Ejaculation Over The Face of Christ (Infernal Feast)
7.Howling Wolves Summoning Countess Armies Without Human Heart Towards The Gates of Heaven
8.Everlasting Flame of Satan In My Heart
9.Killed By The Cross (Nunslaughter cover)

Deborah - Soteria (2008)

3.Jesuschrist (The Underground Gospel)
5.Momento Azul
6.Darkness and Sadness
7.Metal Praise
8.A Tal Grado

Perpetual Dilemma - Perpetual Dilemma

1. In the Loving Arms of Madness
2. Keeper of The Woods
3. Epitome of Corruption
4. Restless Soul
5. Backstabber
6. Bizarre Posession